Locals Receive My Small Town Heroes Awards

5.7.14 - Locals receive awards - 001

5.7.14 – Locals receive awards – 001

Submitted by Merv Mattair

This year the Boyz to Kings Family in partnership with The Community Awareness Committee hosted the second David Dukes “Get Your Du-
kes on Flag Tournament”/Peace Love & Joy Festival. The Florida Department of Health Abstinence Division sponsored the event this year.
Civil Rights Leader David Duke’s message and the overall theme was to empower our youth to avoid risky situations by practicing abstinence in all areas that may have a negative impact on their future; however, Boyz to Kings took advantage of the opportunity to present the My Small Town Hero Award to the selected individuals.
My first book “Word to My Kings & Queens: Achieving A Renewed and Improved Mind,” was dedicated to the people who hardly ever get recognized such as bus drivers, cafeteria cooks, teachers, dads, mothers, janitors, fast food employees, etc.
The person receiving the award had to be someone who had supported one or more youth in areas that have impacted the youth’s life. The person could not have financial ties to helping the youth; it had to have been out of the true passion, love and sacrifice.
The first winner for the 2014 award is Michael Curtis, a dedicated father and husband whose passion for education has caused him to spread it among the community and its evident through the educational success of his children.
The second winner is Cindy Vees, apart from her Madison County Chamber of Commerce duties, she has gone above and beyond to empower the young ladies by being a speaker at the Girls to Queens event in 2013. She supports the vision of dreamers by sharing her expertise in a volunteer manner without displaying negative biased perceptions.
The third winner is Tharron Robinson, this man has been a true role model within the Boyz to Kings family for over two years. He displays his love for his wife and children throughout the community with his actions, and by doing so, he places a positive light on marriage and family.
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