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Local station continues to spread the Gospel

Mickey Starling: Greene Publishing, Inc.

If you've tuned your radio to 91.7 FM lately, you have surely heard some uplifting tunes or some inspired preaching. W.A.P.B. has been blessing the airways in Madison for 13 years, reaching as far as Russia and China with their music and message. Also, numerous inmates in prisons around the country call in regularly to inform station manager and owner, Shelly Lund-Vallance, that the station is making a positive difference in their lives. “One inmate - who knew the Lord, but got lost along the way - loves the station and sends four postage stamps a month,” said Vallance. The inmate's story reminded Valance of the story in the Bible about the widow who gave her last pennies in an offering, causing Jesus to remark that she had given “more than them all.”

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Shelly Lund-Vallance loves the opportunities for ministry that come her way as station manager of 91.5, W.A.P.N., in Volusia County; and 91.7, W.A.P.B., in Madison.

The Madison station makes use of a tower at Greene Publishing, Inc. that receives transmissions from 91.5, W.A.P.N. FM, in Volusia County. The station was initiated through the efforts of Vallance's father, Gordon Rund, in April of 2005. Rund passed away just six weeks before the station took to the air. Along with the wide variety of music the station airs, several pastors give weekly devotions and a prayer line is featured Monday through Friday from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. Vallance loves her job and looks forward to how the Lord will use the station in the future.

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