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LOCAL: Early morning fire

Rick Patrick: Greene Publishing, Inc.

A local McDonald’s restaurant was burned in an early morning fire on Saturday, Sept. 23.

According to a report from Madison Fire Rescue, a call was received at approximately 2:30 a.m. of a fire at the McDonalds’ restaurant, located at 466 E. Base St., in Madison. Engine Two from Madison Fire Rescue arrived on the scene and saw the fire inside the building from the drive-through window.

Madison Police Department (MPD) and Madison County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) officers were already on the scene, and the restaurant was closed and all doors were locked. The fire crew broke the drive-through window in order to gain access to the building and to begin extinguishing the fire. The fire was small, but quickly growing. A water extinguisher was used to fight the blaze instead of a hose-line since the fire was still small. The origin of the fire appeared to be the prep table with the most likely cause determined to be a tray warmer that possibly malfunctioned and overheated, igniting nearby paper materials.

The blaze caused heat and smoke damage to the restaurant, primarily in the prep table area.

Once the fire was extinguished, a positive pressure fan was used to clear smoke from the building.

The restaurant manager was on scene by the time the fire was out and once the smoke was cleared, the building was turned over to the McDonald’s manager. Estimated damage was approximately $10,000, depending on the contents involved. Madison Fire Rescue left the scene at approximately 3:30 a.m.

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