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Local Cowboy enlists in military

Ashley Hunter

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Madison County Cowboy, Ra'Quon Williams, 18, is taking a bold new step in his life, as he will be heading off to basic training for the military on Tuesday, August 2.

Williams states that the reason for his decision is a desire to further his education. The military offers programs for enlistees to join colleges and Williams hopes to be able to accomplish his goals of obtaining a degree in physical therapy through the military's avenues.

“My mom has really supported me,” said Williams of his mother, Sabrina Frasier.

The pride that Frasier has for her son is evident, and she claims that he is the first in his generation of their family to decide to join the military.  “He's making history in our family,” said Frasier.

Williams will return from basic training sometime around December and says he already looks forward to being able to return home.

Williams was raised in Madison County. He graduated from Madison County High School after being a Cowboy player on the high school's basketball and football teams.

Along with the support of his mother, Williams has the support of his family members: Stermon Williams, Harry Frasier and his sister,  Bre'Asia McCutchin.

On Saturday, July 30, there will be a going-away party held for Williams at the Madison Recreational Center, located at 753 SW Anastasia Way, right off of U.S. Hwy 90.  The party will last from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m., and all family and friends are invited to attend.

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