Local Churches, Individuals Use Social Media To Share The Good News

By Jacob Bembry
Greene Publishing, Inc.
For the past few years, social media has invaded our lives from every aspect, including our faith. Churches and ministries have online presences which help them deliver their messages and lessons with everything from YouTube videos to podcasts to audio recorded sermons to Instagram photographs.
A number of churches in Madison County have Facebook pages or Facebook groups. These pages and groups carry prayer requests from members and others who have urgent needs and they also carry church news.
Local ministers, including Toney Hill, pastor of Greenville Baptist; Jason Justus, pastor of Madison Church of God; and Jackie Watts, pastor of Fellowship Baptist share their Sunday sermons online. Others also do it. Some share through live streaming, some share through digital audio and some through video. Some share through both audio and video. If you attend a different church, or you missed your own church Sunday, you can go download the files and listen during the week, via your iPod or MP3 player. Most cars these days are equipped with auxiliary jacks which allow you to plug in your audio listening device and listen in the car.
Some ministers, like Benjie Dyal, pastor of New Home Baptist Church, (www.benjiedyal.com) and lay people, like this writer (jacobbembry.com) and Vanessa Unglaub (vunglaub.wordpress.com), have their own websites and blogs to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with you.
If you or your church uses social media to proclaim the message that Jesus saves, please send the information to jacob@jacobbembry.com and we will put the information in The Path of Faith for you.
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Jacob Bembry

Written by Jacob Bembry