Lions Club Welcomes New Member Diana Maurice

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By Lynette Norris
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This year, you might see a few new faces running the show at the Annual Lions Club 4th of July God and Country Celebration at Lake Francis; that’s because the Madison Lions Club has welcomed a few new members lately.
Diana Maurice, L.P.N., was eager to jump in and help out with the celebration when she recently joined the Lions Club.
“I wanted to get out and get involved with the community,” said Maurice, who works at Madison Health and Rehabilitative Nursing Center.  “We (at Madison Rehab) are very family and community oriented as a business.”  She was looking to connect more with the community and the Lions Club was a good way to do that.
She first heard about the organization from her sister-in-law.  From there, she went online to research the organization and see what the Lions Club was all about.
“I love what they do,” said Maurice.  The humanitarian goals and the focus on helping people was what she herself wanted to do as part of a group.
During the Down Home Days festival, she ran into Lions Club member Tim Dunn and began talking to him about joining.  A short time later, she was a new member.
“The time was right,” she said.
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Lynette Norris

Written by Lynette Norris