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Lions Club steps in for Santa

Madison‘s Lion Club is bringing the cheer into the holidays as they prepare to provide a warm Christmas meal to multiple less-fortunate families during the holiday season. However, the Lions Club decided to go even further as they gathered toys and winter jackets for a local family in need. It had been brought to the Lion’s Club attention that a local family was going to be struggling through the holiday season, and they may not be able to make Christmas on their own. Rallying together, the Lions Club members raised funds from their own wallets to buy toys and warm jackets for all the children and they plan to also bring this family everything needed to put together a full Christmas dinner. On their Tuesday, Dec. 15 meeting, members of Madison’s Lions Club worked together to wrap the toys, games and clothing they had purchased for the children of the family. As busy as workers in St. Nick’s workshop, they wrapped, taped and topped each paper wrapped gift with a cheery bow, only stopping when they had finished wrapping everything. The club’s generosity and their big heart for those who are less fortunate will be warming many hearts, young and old alike, as the Lions Club members give Santa a helping hand in bringing the joy and cheer to this holiday season.

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