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Lifelong musicians: Arlen Favors and Jackson Dickinson

John Willoughby: Greene Publishing, Inc.

Arlen Favors and Jackson Dickinson are both musicians in the Madison County area who grew up together playing everything and anything they could. Mainly a songwriter and guitarist, Favors' father passed away in 1986, when Arlen was only five-years-old. “I got infatuated [with the guitar],” said Favors.

Favors' father, Allen Favors, was also a musician who played guitar. “He inherited [the guitar playing] from his father,” said his mother, Christine Peters.

Jackson Dickinson
Arlen Favors

At age eleven, Favors and Dickinson played in a band together; eventually growing up and going to places like Valdosta and Lake Park to play music. “We played a little bit of everything,” said Favors. “mainly rock.” Favors wrote all of the music that he and Dickinson played.

Favors and Jackson were a part of the Town of Lee's Fourth of July celebration in 2013 with their band, Reckless Reality, which included Cooper Welch and Jared Ragans. Favors played lead guitar and Dickinson sang vocals with the acoustic guitar in hand.

For the past three years, Dickinson has found a permanent home. A calling that changed the way he played music and saw his mission. Dickinson plays guitar at Dowling Park Church of God with the worship team and has been a part of the church since 2014. He shares that God has ultimately changed his life; instead of playing for fun, he plays for God.

Dickinson also says that he found his main purpose when he was saved by the grace of God. Besides playing guitar, Dickinson also enjoys playing the bass and drums every now and then. Dickinson is married to Wendy Dickinson and has two step-children. Dickinson is also an ASE certified technician.

Dowling Park Church of God is located at 235000 County Road 250, in Live Oak. You can catch Dickinson and the rest of the worship team every Sunday morning, beginning at 11 a.m.

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