Letter To The Editor

This letter is in response to the article in last week’s paper entitled MMJ. As far back as I can remember my grandmother wore a glass eye, I learned in my mid-twenties that —her eye had burst one Sunday morning as she was dressing for church.  Granny had glaucoma.  10 years later at age 34,  I too was diagnosed with glaucoma by doctor D’Augostino.  That was when I started taking eye drops to lower the pressure.  In 1997, at age 44, I went to Dr. Shugar in Perry.  That morning I decided not to take my eye drops so that he could see how high the pressure was without drops.  It was a whopping 28.  He then changed my prescription to a drop that would have longer lasting effects.  One month later I had glaucoma surgery.  Six months later it had to be repeated because just some people don’t react as well to the procedure.  Upon his death I began seeing Dr. Moye at Eye Associates in Valdosta.  Four years ago at my annual eye-exam it was discovered that the drops I was taking no longer had any effect and that my eye pressure had increased significantly.  My prescription changed twice that year to no avail.   After almost 25 years taking drops my eyes were basically unresponsive to treatment.  My pressure is slowly rising, I may need to try marijuana as a safe alternative to drops.   Mr. Boyles’ opinion was not researched as well as it could have been.  There are many reasons for the use of medical marijuana mine is just one.  As for recreational use, if that became law in Florida it too would be regulated as is alcohol use.  Your comments concerning it are similar to those made as to why we should not have alcohol sales in Madison County.  Substance use does not mean substance abuse.  I wonder how medical marijuana relates to national security or the military?   Sincerely,   Dwight Barber

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