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Letter to the Editor: Socialism Creates Nothing

Watching the Democrats debate was a learning experience, if you were aware of what was being sold to the American public. There was no talk or any new ideas of how they were going to continue the growth of private sector job creation. It's almost like they missed economics 101, while they were in school. You can never create new wealth by redistributing existing wealth! Socialism is 100% dependent on the private sector's wealth. The wealth created by the private sector is not just a natural resource that government has a right to confiscate, to attempt to stimulate their own whimsical version of job creation. When the tax burden on job creators gets to be excessive, they will start to lay-off workers, the least productive workers first, to try and keep their profit margins from tanking. Every time government tries to be a competing job creator, jobs and wealth are lost! It is not government's job to try and create private sector jobs, they have no expertise in that realm!

If Socialism truly worked, why aren't immigrants flooding into Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, and most other such workers' paradises, for the good life. When the East Germans were in their hay day, their Socialist paradise was so great that they had vicious armed troops on their border, not to keep the hordes out, but to machine gun their own citizens who tried to escape to the free markets and freedoms of West Germany.

What the national Democrats were selling at the debates are tired old theories that have been tried in many similar versions over the last 50 years, you simply can't make the low-income population, better off by taking down wealthy employers! Think about cash for clunkers, numerous Stimulation bills that checks were sent out from the Treasury, funded with money they didn't even have. Most recently one of the center pieces of the Obama administration's inspired ideas for creating shovel-ready-jobs, just another bust for the Socialist minded President. He even said after the $Billion was frittered away, "That Those Jobs Must Not Have Been So Shovel Ready After all". Please read: "Economics In One Lesson", written by Henry Hazlitt in 1946. It is a short easy to read and understand basic economics book which, explains the timeless science of economics that never needs to be redefined or brought up to date. You will have a good grasp on why free markets work for every one's benefit and why Socialism has created nothing on its own merits. Socialism has always been based on class "warfare" it always needs a victim to fleece (usually wealthy job creators). Socialism is never built on a win/win foundation. Socialism, by definition, must be built on a lose/win scenario. The wealthy must be sacrificed for the good of the working class, which is contradictory because the wealthy are generally the only successful creators of the private sector workers' jobs. If Socialists have their way, they will determine winners and losers in the private job sector or worse they create subsidized make work jobs that are marginally useful at best, such as the so-called "shovel ready jobs" during the Obama/Biden era.

Don't be taken in by the bidding war we saw on the televised debate: free school, free Medicare for all including millions of illegal immigrants, free medicine, raising the minimum wage to $15/hour and numerous other free, stuff. Don't be fooled, if it all sounds too good to be true, it is. All that is required to do, all of these things, is to place new higher taxes (up to 70%) on wealthy private sector job creators!

Over 6 million new private sector jobs have been created in the last two and half years thanks to across the board tax cuts and the reduction of many job killing regulations. It is far better to create new private sector taxpayers, than to increase taxes on the Golden Goose, which would lead to another round of Job Losses!    

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