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Letter to the Editor: Moving Lee City Limits down to I-10

Dear Editor:

I am a former resident of Lee, having grown up there and attended Lee Junior High School from 1950 to 1960. After the 10th grade, we were all bussed to Madison to finish up our 11th and 12th grades. I always wanted to remain in Lee after graduation. But there were then (and still are) only a handful of real professional jobs where one could work toward a career and raise a family in economic dignity. So, like many Lee graduates, I moved away, but my heart was still in Lee. I'm proud of Lee as many of my childhood memories were made there. I used to pester the Lee Town Council - back when the Council, the Mayor, the Clerk and the Marshall were elected annually, about doing more for the young people of the community. They seemed to care less. All of those who served then are dead now, and gone on to their rewards. Lee has come a long way, and I'm very proud of it. My question in writing is why does not the Lee Town Council make a serious effort to the annexation of their southern border where eventually the southern border of the city limits will end just south of where I-10 and CR 255 intersect. I do not see why the Town of Lee is not aggressively pursuing this as they are missing their legal right to all sales taxes that are paid to those businesses there - especially the Loves Service Center, which stays busy 24/7. Don't know about the other businesses there, but I would assume Loves Service Center amasses thousands of dollars in sales weekly if not daily. Just think of the sales taxes that could be collected for the benefit of the Town of Lee. I've noticed that Lee has already annexed a lot of property around the original 1 square mile which Lee made up. I know they get the property taxes from this annexed land, but those tax potentials around the I-10 and SR 255 intersection are greater and just slipping through the town's fingers. I would think the citizens of Lee would be insisting that the Town Council make this a priority. This revenue could do more for all of the citizens of Lee. Additionally, the greater Lee Community is one of the most blessed areas of Madison County. While it is still rural, this would double the size of the Town of Lee if they could annex this property. Then, the Town would have opportunity to properly manage growth to prevent future congestion. For example, they could, through its Zoning Board, limit future residences to being constructed on and limited to lots of no less than 1 acre of land. If the Town were blessed to land some small clean and light industry, it could be required to be located on the back borders of the Town in the rural areas, where when someone visiting the Town, whether driving into town from the east or west on U.S. 90 or south from I-10 would see only the residential areas, and be impressed that such residences were not pressed one to the other, thereby giving all the feeling of privacy while still living inside the Town of Lee entitled to all the amenities that such would afford. With proper management, the town's population which is now slightly over 350 citizens would never exceed 1000 to 2000 citizens at most. The ideal population for a small town. While the Town already has a man-made lake, stocked with fish, and a paved walking path encircling it, the area known as the Lee Sink and the Norton Creek which flows into it, is not feasible for either an industry or residential area, could be cleared and made into a camping area. While it periodically floods, for most of the time it would give the local citizens a place where they could go "get away from it all." And at certain times (usually after a flood) there are plenty of eatable fish in Norton Creek that can be caught for food or for sport. The bottom line, the Town of Lee has many opportunities awaiting it. But starting with annexing property to extend the southern border below the I-10 & CR 255 intersection should be first priority. From there, good things can start falling into place under a progressive leadership. For reasons, I am signing this email with my moniker ALABAMA INDEPENDENT. However, I am providing my email address should anyone desire to discuss this issue with me further. Perhaps you may agree or disagree. Perhaps I have stated something than is not currently allowed by law. So all comments - negative or positive or welcomed.

Regards to all in the Town of Lee, Florida


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