Letter To The Editor: Mayberry

Dear Editor:
My husband and I have recently moved to Madison. What a quaint country town! Imagine my delight at hearing the clock downtown toll the hours. There are sidewalks, lined with benches, for waiting and relaxing. Families fill the sidewalks holding the hands of their little ones.
We have frequented many of the businesses in Madison. We have always been greeted in the friendliest of terms. Some establishments are even more personal by wishing us a “blessed day.”  Where could one go to hear this nearly every day?
Just before the Independence Day celebration, there was a banner over the main street declaring “A Celebration Honoring God and County.” The sight of this declaration just thrilled me! Honestly, I felt that I was in Mayberry.
The community spirit abounds, and we are very fortunate to be living in Madison.  My final objective, now that we are almost settled in our home, is to find employment in Madison. This is important to me because I want to immerse in the community, and be a part of the rich Southern tradition I am enjoying so much.
Peggy Minter
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