Letter To The Editor: In Response To Pioneers Of Madison County Fountain Hayne And Spencer Cone

My niece, Justina Cone, has sent me an article titled the Pioneers of Madison County in which you covered Fountain Cone and Spencer Cone. It is very good coverage of these two pioneers. I wanted to let you know that I have been studying this, (my family) for about 25 years and it is very hard to get information and you often hit that ole brick wall.  My contacts have provided me with coverage of their father, Isaiah Cone, who came to Madison Co., with them and settled in the Concord Area of Madison Co. He became a Charter Member of the Concord Baptist Church. I have coverage of him and his family, Fountain Hayne Cone Sr., William Spencer Cone, Elizabeth Cone Triplett and Jesse Cone who all accompanied him from North Carolina, Sandersville Ga., Leon Co., Fl., and finally Madison Co., Fl.
Several years ago, I gave a copy of my work to Elmers Library there in Madison Co., Fl., which has all of this information therein. It is always a pleasure to give and to receive and this is truly especially in Family History. I have worked my family history for over 25 years and was graciously assisted by Cousin, Irene Cone Waldroff (now deceased). I find your article very factual and is very valuable to the residents of Madison County. My book covers all four of Isaiah’s children and is very lengthy. Jesse Cone stopped off with his family and settled in Grady Co., Ga. while Fountain and Spencer settled in Madison Co., along with their sister, Elizabeth Triplett who married Eli Triplett. Eli Triplett Sr., while serving in the Seminole Indian Wars, was shot and scalped at Fort Downing in S. Madison Co., and his son Eli Jr., was killed in the Battle of Natural Bridge in the Conflict with the Union Soldiers while they were attempting to conquer the State Capitol (Tallahassee). He was the 3rd Confederate of a total of five who perished in this battle. His name is on the marker at this National Park.
If you should desire to pursue this family further, I will be glad to possibly fill in some blanks for you. I am honored to be the bearer of a Florida Pioneer Descendant Certificate in honor of William Spencer Cone Sr. (my line). As you may already know, this is a feather in my cap!  I have hinted several times to Justina to pursue this goal, also. I graduated from Greenville High School in 1953 and have served with the Ga. Foresty Commission and served one enlistment in the Navy.  I have lived in Warner Robins, Ga. since 1960 and still miss my home town. I have heard it said many times that anytime you hear the name CONE in Madison Co., then you can almost be certain that this person descended from Isaiah! I was glad to get your article in the news paper and would like to hear from you if you so desire.
Jim Cone
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