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Letter to the Editor: In response to “Heritage Not Hate!”

I am writing in regards to Mrs. Parsons' July 8 editorial, "Heritage not hate!". I too was born in the South. Like my father before me, I've lived my entire life in Florida and my "Georgia-Peach" of a mama instilled in me all the proper southern social graces. I understand the call of "heritage" in relation to the Confederate battle flag. My Great-great grandfather and his only brother, both served the Confederacy in the Ninth Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry and together saw the battle at Gettysburg. I fully understand the pride in those who fought for their land and their way of life.

No matter how much I may respect "my south" and my determined, brave heritage, I can not go so far as to say that I love the flag of the Confederacy as much as the flag of this great nation. Most Southerners, myself included, may argue that the civil war was as much about state's rights as it was slavery, but today's contemporary U.S. citizenry does not view the war in that context and therefore see the battle symbol as offensive. Instead of finding ways to define ourselves separately from others (Southern, Yankee, redneck, yuppie), we should be seeking what we have in common. Romans 14:19: So then let us pursue what makes for peace and for mutual up building.

Thank God we are still free to make our own personal choices with regards to this flag or any other symbolic representation. However, we would be wise to remain aware of, and empathetic to, how our actions impact those around us with different experiences. It's just the gracious, Southern thing to do. Nancy L. Dukes

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