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Letter to the Editor: Hillary could become the next President?

Continuing the path Democrats have been using the last six years? Just what is it that Hillary would wish to do to the citizens now? Let’s take a look as to what has been done thus far to the American Citizens by Democrats. Fast and furious: This administration committed an act of war against Mexico through sheer incompetence that left one American border patrol agent murdered, as well as thousands of Mexicans. Do we want more of that? The Stimulus Bill: Hundreds of Billions of dollars spent with little to no jobs created. I can only suppose we were short of shovels? 87 million was spent creating 64 jobs. Not a good deal for those of us paying for those 64 jobs. Theft from the bondholders of General Motors, giving the reigns of control to the Unions, as a pay back for Obama’s election.

How many 401K plans were ruined by that deal? Mine certainly was, that money was for my children; all gone now. Threat of Gun control through suits, and Fast and Furious. Through the ATF, Alcohol Tobacco Firearms, the administration was directly involved in getting gun storeowners to sell firearms to straw purchasers knowing they would end up in the Cartels hands. Then blaming gun owners and vying for more gun control. The corruption of Solyndra, knowing that Solyndra would fail. Costing the American taxpayers millions of dollars. $20 billion shakedown of BP after the Gulf oil spill (I wonder where all that money went?) ObamaCare; this president has taken the words “Chicago Gangster” to a whole new level. Although Obama and most Democrats are now distancing themselves from the remarks of Jonathan Gruber’s filmed meetings, tell us that Obama and several Democrat leaders knew all along that millions of Americans would be unable to keep their healthcare plans once the law took effect. And of course, most of us were way too stupid to be told the truth anyway. And then, there’s the math. One cannot add millions of people to the system and have Insurance Companies cover ones preexisting conditions without raising the price on everyone else. Benghazi.

The lies pertaining to the terrorist attack in Benghazi Libya, on September 11, 2012, by Obama, Susan Rice and Hillary. The three knowing full well this was not a movie that caused the attack on our compound. Then refusing to send help as we now know, therefore, allowing the death of four Americans. IRS’s attack on conservative groups. Destroyed, and missing e-mails. You do know when governments take the fifth we’re all in trouble right. 18 trillion dollars in debt, our great-grandchildren will have to pay back. Releasing of thousands (36,000) of illegal criminals from prisons back into our society. Not once, but twice including rapists and possibly murderers; they’re just not sure, (yet). 92 million people no longer are working. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us some people just aren’t that much into employment. Actually, some people are comfortable enough to view working for a living as a drag. The trading of five Gitmo terrorists for a deserter, then letting one of our Marines rot in a Mexican prison and not lifting a finger to help him out. There are hundreds more atrocities committed by this administration; too many to write in one letter. I must admit during the last election, the Democrats started out with quite a lead on Election Day.

However the Republicans finally got off work then went to vote. The people of the United States finally got tired of all these problems created by this Administration and his tribe of Democrats and dumped many of them. I’d say let’s do that again this year. Today? The killing of babies, live born, in order to sell organs. I watched in horror as little arms and legs were picked up with tweezers and thrown into a stainless dish. Having worked in Obstetrics for a couple of years, my heart broke when we would lose a child and my job at times was to tell the mother of the child that her baby hadn’t survived the birth. I’ve had mothers grab me in horror, then falling apart, all I could do was to hold them and wish them well. But then, mention de-funding these murderers, Democrats including Hillary will demonize you as being uncaring for women. The baby left to die? Why that’s just a bunch of globy tissue for sale. Then, a hunter pays $60,000 to shoot a lion in Zimbabwe named Cecil, everyone pitches a hissy fit and PETA wants to hang the guy. Thousands of Christians murdered by beheading, set on fire, shot and hanged in the same neck of the woods, and these same liberals don’t care. We need Hillary as President like we need a bad case of diarrhea. George Pouliotte

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