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Letter to the Editor: Garden Club against fracking

Dear Editor, Our Madison Garden Club firmly supports our Florida Federation of Garden Clubs' strong commitment to a ban on the practice of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in Florida. This process contaminates vast amounts of fresh water with chemicals, many of which are carcinogenic. There is no safe way to dispose of fracking's toxic waste water. Joining with Garden Club members and others all across our state, our aim is to see Florida's endangered waters and aquifer restored, protected and preserved for our next generation! We are truly blessed by our Creator to live in Madison County where citizens and local government are willing to stand strong together to protect our aquifer, historic rivers, springs, lakes, streams, wetlands, ponds and water recharge areas, our farmlands and, very importantly, our health. The preservation of Florida's clean water supply is a natural right guaranteed by the Florida Constitution. This is a non-partisan issue about preserving and protecting our natural resources. We hope you will join Garden Club, as we work to preserve and protect this beautiful county we love! If you are interested in reading the Florida Federation of Garden Club's position statement regarding hydraulic fracturing, go to, and click on “ban hydraulic fracturing.” Laura Coleman, President of the Madison Garden Club

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