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Letter to the Editor… Eric Hearn letter

This is Eric Hearn (CRUZIN CARTS) and I came to Greenville to try to make a difference in the area. My thoughts were to bring some kind of business with the hopes to be a spurt of economic energy and other industry's follow.

First let me discuss the negative reaction I received from Greenville in full. We had a business here from 1997 to approx. 2007. We returned 2017 and I asked my wife to call Greenville to have the water turned on. She called back and advised me the lady in the office just said come down and pay to turn it on. So I drove down and while there she stated that we had an outstanding balance from before that was old and the city wrote it off. I replied NO if I owe something I want to pay it. She again stated they wrote it off. I said then I will pay it and the city can do whatever they want with it which I did. I talked with the lady and made it very clear that I am only here a weekend a month right now so the bill needs to be mailed to North Carolina. After the water was restored we returned on two occasions to find the water was again turned off due to nonpayment (because Greenville continued to send the bill to the wrong address) So Janis set up to call Greenville direct on the billing day to find out total and pay that way to keep from routine issues.

On returning after a month, Janis calls to get bill total. Then she calls and tells me it is $1,367 dollars and the city stated we must have a leak???? They told her they came out 3 times to check the meter to make sure it was accurate (but never turned it off) keep in mind at this time NOTHING WAS HERE!!! Then one of the utility guys pulled up. He said he walked all over the property 3 times and could not see any leaking. I said why in the world would you have not shut it off the first time you came out and seen nothing was here? He told me per the office he could not shut it off just in case you needed the water for something.....REALLY VACANT PROPERTY! Then I said but your office will shut it off on a family that is late paying one day!!!!

Now moving on I have been down to city hall discussing this bill and other business ventures with Edward Dean on many occasions.

During the last visit with Mr. Dean we discussed the senior center. Although Mr. Dean secured a Grant (my and your tax money) to generate a full set of plans $40,000+ the city does not even own the property to build the project. So trying to work with the city, I secured two parcels of land to give to the city trying to show I am here to make anything possible. Now, in exchange, I was interested in a land trade of swampland the city was given from Madison. I wanted this swamp to give to Suwannee River Water Management for mitigation for the RV Park. During my last visit to Mr. Dean's office discussing the water bill, RV Park and senior center, He advised me "the town council does not need you here or want you here" EXACT WORDS.

My business to date has paid Madison County $13,000 in taxes and fees after only 8 months. Madison needs this to continue with more new businesses to build the Greenville economy. Please contact me if you feel this is a direction to proceed. ERIC HEARN FOR CITY COUNCIL 2019


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