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In light of the recent Supreme Court decision legalizing the perversion of two homosexuals or two lesbians, calling themselves "married," it is time Christian to recognize that it must cut all ties with the United States and our individual servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. One way we can do this is have our local church congregation, which has a flagpole, to NOW place the Christian Flag in the place of First Place Honor, and demote the American Flag to the position of 2nd place on the flag pole. Some churches have already decided to do this. This is one way we can say to the public in a non-violent way, we are CHRISTIANS FIRST, and AMERICANS SECOND! While the Christian flag may not be biblical, neither is it un-biblical. It is a banner to show the world we are Christians.

I challenge all Christians to do this. We owe nothing any more to the United States of America. The United States has lost our respect when it decided, through its supreme court, that it will recognize perversion as being legal, after it several years ago recognized that the killing of unborn babies is also legal. God will not put up long with a nation which shakes its fist in the face of God. Again, I call upon the pastors of all Christian churches in Madison County, Florida and elsewhere to fly the Christian Flag atop their flagpole and place the tainted banner of the once great United States as 2nd. And we should challenge all Christians who survive us, to keep it up until the 2nd Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. In His Name, we ask such!

Don Webb

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