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Letter To The Editor: A quick history of cuban socialism

Pedro has a job, a '59 Chevy, a home, a farm where he grows sugarcane and has all kinds of animals, including a donkey. Pedro has worked hard all his life to attain this. Pedro pays Carlos to cut sugarcane. Carlos enjoys a daily siesta and he and his family are treated well. They all enjoy freedom to worship, have food on the table, a roof over their heads, enjoy a good cigar and Cuba Libre every day, and life is good.

Then one day, a bearded man appears. He convinces Carlos that Pedro is evil and that Carlos deserves everything that Pedro has. With Carlos' help, and others like him, the bearded man is put in charge. He quickly takes over everything Pedro has. Pedro loses his job and is forced to cut sugarcane. Pedro, fearing for his life and his family, escapes to America.

Carlos can't wait to claim what Pedro left behind. When he goes to the farm, he is told that the farm belongs to the people. He is told that he will still cut sugarcane, but it will be for the good of the revolution, not for pay. In return, he will be allowed 1 egg, 1lb of rice and whatever meat is available, per month. He will no longer need to own any material things, or go to church, freeing him to attend rallies supporting and praising the bearded man. Since no one is allowed to own or amass anything of value, they stop caring, and everything falls into disrepair. The farm animals and donkey are soon eaten by the hungry militia that protect the bearded man. Carlos, along with all the others that supported the bearded man, got a free college degree and makes 10 pesos per month, enough to purchase one egg, a pound of rice, and whatever meat is available on the black market.  He is malnourished and living in extreme poverty, with little hope of a better life, since he was told that there is no God by the bearded man. He misses Pedro and the good old days

Meanwhile, the bearded man and his chosen ones enjoy their cigars and Cuba Libres and a life of luxury.

Pedro worked really hard and became an American citizen. He became rich and now employs hundreds of people. But he is worried. He is hearing rumors that his employees want what he's worked so hard to get ... and there is an ignorant young woman and a decrepit old man that are telling them they can have it all, if they buy into their way of thinking.

Juan Botino

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