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Dear Editor,
I picked up a copy of your October 22nd edition of the Madison County Carrier. On the Front page was a story regarding Amendment 2 on the upcoming ballot. After reading your article, I felt it was misleading and under researched. On the same hand, I do feel that even having a discussion about medical marijuana in a small town in the middle of the Bible belt is a sign that we may be moving in the right direction.
You made the statement that “The Charlotte’s Web legislation will provide low-THC cannabis to patients suffering from ailments such as cancer.” But Charlotte’s Web was created to help children with chronic seizures and a condition known as Dravet’s Syndrome. I am very happy for the children and their families that this drug will benefit, but this bill leaves behind about 90% of the patients that could potentially benefit from medical marijuana, patients that suffer from Aids and Multiple Sclerosis, and cancer patients that experience nausea from chemo therapy.
It is hard these days to find a family that has not been touched by cancer in one way or another. I have had three Uncles an Aunt and a Grandmother taken from me by this horrible disease. My mother is also a cancer survivor. If by using medical marijuana, any one of them could have had just one moments peace or helped my grandmother hold down a meal while she struggled through chemo, then I would consider that a blessing.
In your article you also emphasized the statement that under Amendment 2, medical marijuana can be prescribed for “Other conditions for which a Physician believes that medical use of marijuana would likely outweigh the potential health risk for a patient.” This implies that you think because of this verbiage, it will leave the door open for rampant marijuana abuse. Any substance can be abused. That’s like saying we should outlaw ice cream for making people gain weight. At some point we as adults should take responsibility for our own actions.
At the conclusion of your article you stated. “We urge you to vote no on Amendment 2.” I urge you on behalf of thousands of Floridians that this may benefit to keep an open mind.
John E. Madison
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