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Isn’t increasing private sector employment preferable to increasing food stamp and welfare rolls?  Over the last eight years the workers participation rate has been spiraling downward to 62%.   That means 38% of the people who are eligible to work are not working! When President Trump took office, it was the worst it has been in 35 years.  Over the last eight years food stamp and welfare rolls have increased by a whopping 50%.  This last 8 years was a disaster for families that had their bread winners looking for good jobs!  Why would a sane person wake up every day hoping this new President fails to make job opportunities available for their out of work or under employed neighbors?

The answer may be that people who hope that President Trump’s agenda fails are not upset with the increasing percentage of our population that are government dependent!  Before you continue to blindly hope for President Trump’s agenda to fail, think about what you are hoping for!  You may be   saying that increasing government dependence is also your agenda!  This sounds more like a financial suicide pact than an agenda!

The current low unemployment rate does not give a true picture! Because the unemployment rate was redefined during the last administration’s reign to exclude the chronically unemployed long term job seekers or those who have given up and stopped looking for employment permanently! Most of these unemployed people were and are able bodied people.  This is verified by the very bad current workers participation rate!

One final thought to consider before you continue to hope that President Trump fails with his jobs goal!  Can you explain in a coherent/concise economic explanation how raising taxes on job creators, will encourage them to hire new private sector employees?  Remember the question asked for a coherent/concise answer!  I will give you a hint this is a trick question!  The real question should be are you for increasing government dependence or for creating new private sector jobs!

By:  Steven Rissman

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