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Let’s Call in the National Guard

Regarding the ongoing violent riots. First let's get some perspective. These rioters and/or criminals are such fringe groups in our population, yet they dominate the news networks and the media.  They communicate a message that this behavior is somehow the norm with millions of followers. They knowingly inflame each situation.  I am not saying we should ignore the civil unrest, as it is one of great threats to our country. In the constitution under the law Americans have the right for peaceful  assemblage, to air their grievances in a public domain. Do these riots in the least bit  resemble a peaceful assemblage. None of these events are constitutional, rather they are unlawful. Ok let's look at how our leaders  are addressing the problem. Basically they allow this behavior to go on, under the guise that these groups need to "VENT" their frustrations, even if it means destruction of property and loss of life.  The police have virtually been given a stand down order, so the "VENTING" can be concluded.   The police are forced to stand there with shields while the demonstrators throw various objects at them including glass containers of urine and feces. Not to mention they are vastly outnumbered. Let's say you have a "bad guy" outside your house with a 40 Cal Smith and Wesson. All of your family is in the house; you are  the one to protect them, and you have at your disposal a cap gun and an AK-47. Which one would you choose? Our leaders for some unknown reason are choosing the cap gun. Maybe I'm missing something, but why are these people consistently choosing the cap gun? The AK-47 is available to our governors in a time of mayhem such as this. This AK-47 is called the National Guard. The criteria for assembling the Guard is a national or state emergency. Do these riots describe an emergency? After all, there are lives and property definitely at risk. I'm not certain, but I think a couple thousand guardsmen might have some effect on the outcome of these events. Obviously you must assemble them prior to the possibility of any form of civil unrest...Any parent out there knows that you do not allow your children to go berserk because they are upset about something, and you certainly do not let it run its course. Your family and belongings are at risk. It baffles me that our leaders do not use an entity that would solve the civil unrest. The national guard's objective is to handle a time such as this. We have a military solution designed for this current problem. In fact it is the National Guard's number one priority and justification, to prevent civil unrest. (I don't think anyone would argue with me that these events are the definition of civil unrest).  We know the cops are outnumbered, so why not assemble a couple thousand national guardsmen prior to these events occurring? You could probably make a guarantee this response would solve the problem, then we can have a public debate...I don't think I am the only one who thought of it. So why do our leaders put the American people in harm's way when the solution is so simple?

~Lawrence Beger

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