Lee Town Meets, Schedules Two Special Meetings

By Jessie R. Box
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Lee Town Council schedules two special meetings for the month of May.
The first special meeting is May 13 at 6 p.m. The town will have a workshop to discuss the Town Manager candidates. The second special meeting is to interview the candidates for the Town Manager position and to discuss sewer lift station solutions with the architect firm, Reynolds, Smith and Hills on May 19 at 6 p.m.
The Lee Town Council discussed the issue with the new lift station not pumping properly at Annett Bus Lines. According Plain, the engineer, Bill Steves, sent in his recommendation for five clean outs. Plain suggested only doing one and waiting to see if it works because there is no guarantee that the first one will work, much less five.
The town council wants to discuss the issue with Reynolds, Smith and Hills, before voting on whether to accept the proposed work order. The town council will have the town attorney, Scot Copeland write a letter requesting a meeting with Reynolds, Smith and Hills on May 19 at 6 p.m.
Plain brought up a legal ad that was placed in The Madison Carrier on March 12 about a water permit for JJJ & T Family Limited Partnership. It stated that the average daily use would be 3.9712 million gallons and the maximum annual withdrawal will be 1449.49 million gallons.
The town council is concerned about how this will affect their water wells since it is less than a mile from the site. The council voted for Copeland and Plain to write a letter requesting a staff report and to be kept in the loop about the decision made.
Ken Daniels, the town’s auditor, presented the council with the 2012 – 2013 year audit.
“This past year was a very tough year for the town,” said Daniels. “You’ve had two years in a row, it has been very atypical and I certainly hope that this is the last one for a while.”
According to Daniels, the town’s cash flow is down $57,000 compared to past years.
“We think you are going to have a $30,000 in revenue excess next year,” said Daniels.
Two issue that Daniels said he saw was the lack of payroll not being in categories such as, street, waste and water departments. Also entry classification, the state has a uniform accounting system manual that has to be used and the town needs someone familiar with it due to some misclassifications.
A representative from Jordan & Associates came to discuss the possibility of applying for a grant for comprehensive plan assistance to help reclassify an area of land that is on the East and West side of CR 255 towards I-10. The town council voted to give Town Manager Plain permission to discuss the possibility of the grant with Jordan & Associates.
Also on the agenda was a resolution for the town to take over the maintenance of the traffic signal. The town council made no decision. They want to clarify whether it is upkeep, including changing the bulbs or just paying the electric bill for it.
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Jessie Box

Written by Jessie Box