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Lee Town Council receives $100,000 grant

The Lee Town Council held their regular meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 6 at 7 p.m. at Kinsey Hall. The Lee Town Council was presented with a $100,000 check by Craig Liney of the Department of Environmental Regulation at their meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 6. The Lee Town Council applied for two $50,000 Florida Recreation Development Assistance Grants to use at Ben Blair Park and the Louis Demotsis Park and received them. According to Lee Town Manager John Anderson, the grant money will be used for upgrading the equipment and lighting at the parks and turning the soccer fields at Ben Blair Park into open softball/baseball fields. Later on in the meeting, the council approved the resolution to waive the procurement policy for the CDBG Grant and purchase two pumps for the wastewater system at Annett Bus Lines.

Jack Sealey asked the council to approve a Temporary Use Permit that allows him to have more than one residential home on his land, which is zoned for one. The permit is for five years. When he was granted the permit five years ago, he agreed to hook up both the house and the mobile home to Lee’s water and wastewater system. Sealy has hooked up to the water but not the wastewater. He has 30 days to connect to the wastewater system and if he does so, they will grant his permit. The council is also seeking people to volunteer for the Code Enforcement Board and the Planning and Zoning Board. The next Lee Town Council meeting will be Tuesday, Nov. 3 at 7 p.m. at Kinsey Hall.

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1. Greene Publishing, Inc. Photo By Jessie R. Box, October 6, 2015 The Lee Town Council was presented with a $100,000 check to improve the Ben Blair Park and the Louis Demotsis Park. Pictured, left to right, are; Lee Town Manager John Anderson, Blue Springs Park Manager Craig Liney and Lee Mayor Eddie Bell.

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