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Lee local wins radio contest

Do you listen to “Old Time Radio?” Listeners are invited to participate in a contest for old time programming. The contest, a part of old time radio, called “Hollywood 360,” is “Beat the Host.” A Chicago program, heard over WJHC, Jasper, Fl., at 107.5 AM. The contest has two guests, picked at random by simply calling the show and they compete to name old facts about old movies, with the host, Carl Amari, and Lisa Wolf. Heard on Saturday nights, between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m., the prizewinner for this round was a Lee local, Nancy Moral, who received the prize. Her prize included the sound track of the motion picture, Madison, and, four audio CD’s; a complete set of radio dramas of The Twilight Zone, as heard back in the early 1950’s. The dramas were I am the Night/Color me Black; Cavender is Coming; A Stop at Willoughby and Escape Clause. Moral has loaned the Madison County Library these CD’s over the next two months for patrons of the library to listen to and enjoy. You can check them out just like any other library asset. The manager of the library, April Brooks, a graduate of Florida State University in Library Science, will be the facilitator. Mrs. Moral was the former public library liaison for the largest home education parent support group in Broward County, and values and appreciates library access. Nancy and her husband have been landowners in Lee since 2008, and are volunteers in assisting families for home schooling through the Family Tree Private School that has been listed with the Florida Department of Education since 1999.


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