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Lee Family Dollar prohibits sale of food

Savannah Reams: Greene Publishing, Inc.

On Wednesday, June 13, signs were unexpectedly placed at Family Dollar's storefront in Lee informing the public that all food items were unavailable for purchase at their location. All other goods are still accessible, including clothes, paper products, and other supplies. However, all comestibles are off limits-- on the shelf and in the cooler.

As of now, Greene Publishing, Inc. has contacted the Madison County Health Department who could not provide further information on this matter. The Food Safety Division remained quiet as well, informing our office they would keep us informed as they researched the issue.

Greene Publishing, Inc. Photo by Savannah Reams, June 14, 2018
A dairy truck arrives at Family Dollar in Lee to remove their products from the shelves."No food" signs (pictured above) are also posted on their entrance doors.

On Thursday, June 14, a dairy truck arrived at the storefront collecting and loading all of their products into the trailer. Other consumables have been removed from many shelves inside the store. Despite the circumstances, Family Dollar remains open to the public at this time.

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