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Lee Elementary School enjoys appreciation dinner

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The Community Assesssment Team (CAT) showed their appreciation to the faculty and staff of Lee Elementary School (LES) on Monday, Feb. 5. The staff enjoyed a wonderful dinner provided entirely by Lee United Methodist Church. The meal consisted of chicken, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls and tea. Madison County School Board members Bart Alford and Susie Williamson donated cakes for dessert as well. Ben Killingsworth did a wonderful job smoking the chicken for the event.

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This exuberant group of LES staff are pleased with the height of their straw tower. This game has become a successful part of the school appreciation dinners.

Lori Newman spoke on behalf of Madison County School Superintendent Dr. Karen Pickles, thanking the school for their continued excellence and hard work in preparing students for their high school years. The entire school board, including Dr. Pickles, made it to the dinner in time to also express their thanks to the LES staff. The straw tower game is increasingly becoming a hit with the school personnel, and for the second time, staff members found themselves standing on top of the tables in an effort to build the tallest structure. These ongoing dinners continue to strive to lift the morale and spirit of teachers and staff in all of our county schools. “I'm thankful to see all the school board and CAT members being a part of this. You can tell that everyone really cares about our schools, teachers, bus drivers, supporting staff and students,” said CAT member, Rev. Jason Justus. “This has been a great time of refreshing for all of our schools thus far, and every school has been so receptive and thankful.”

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