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Learning As I Go: We are legos

Christy Bass Adams Guest Columnist

I was that kid who loved Legos. My brother and I had a gym bag filled with every shape, size and variety of Lego and we carried that bag everywhere. We made boats, spaceships, forts, airplanes and anything else we could imagine and create.

Both of my boys have now discovered the joy of building with Legos. Last week, my youngest was building a fort and his tub of Legos was starting to get low. "Mama, I want to build a spaceship, too, but the Legos are almost gone."

I smiled, "Daniel, do you know what is great about Legos? Today you can have a fort and tomorrow you can take it apart and build a spaceship. You can start over every day and build something new."

As his face lit up with this new knowledge, I recognized that there was a much deeper truth buried within this simple conversation. Just because I build a boat today and get rocked and blown from here to there, that doesn't mean I have to build a boat tomorrow. Tomorrow, I can build a spaceship and rise high above the uncertain waves. Or I can build a fort with high walls and an open roof that will keep out the negativity, but still let in the light. Or maybe I want to build an airplane and soar freely, with joy, making the most of my day. Each day is what we decide to make of it, and just because yesterday was an utter failure doesn't mean that today's has to be that way, too.

Remember this week that we are Legos; each day can be made into whatever we decide. Don't get stuck in what you think the day has to be. Start fresh and build your day with purpose.

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