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Learning As I Go: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

I've learned so much this week. Part of my job is coordinating, connecting and reaching out to folks within our church. We are starting many new things, including meals on Wednesday nights. My job has been to get the wheels turning and all of the people in place. I can do that. I'm good at seeing a big picture and trying to make it all work together, but I'm not good at a lot of other stuff.

For example, I know nothing about ordering food and figuring out how much to prepare. It would take me days to wrap my brain around that concept, but there is a lady in our church who could do it almost mindlessly. It's a gift of hers, and I'm so thankful she is willing to help us by using her gift. There is also another lady who is super talented in the kitchen. She knows how to efficiently and effectively make things happen in the food preparation department. After talking with her this week, she brought up questions that I didn't even know needed to be asked! I am so grateful she has stepped up to offer her talents because they are much needed.

We also have others who like to work behind the scenes or who have a fun, creative side that we have been able to plug in at different points in our children's program. There are people who love to tell stories and others who are super organized. Some want order and are gifted with motivating kids to focus and listen. And then there are others who simply have a heart for children and want to pour their lives into our kids no matter what position they are in.

I guess what I am saying is that if we all offer our talents, no matter what they may be, we make a team; and teamwork makes the dream work. I'm a dreamer and I see things on a long term, large scale. If I surround myself with others like me, we would never get anything done! We need people who are willing to serve in big and small ways, who are willing to take these grand ideas and run with them. There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing someone who has a special talent or gift step into that position and own it. If we try to fill spots that are made for other people, it's not helping them or us. We need every one of every kind to make the team the best it can possibly be; we need to stop taking spots that aren't made for us! “No” is a complete sentence. Sometimes we have to say “no” in order to be available for the right “yes.”

Don't be afraid to step out and offer your talents. We need people like you to make a team. Teamwork makes the dream work. Find your team and find your place. Let's do this thing!

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