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Learning As I Go: I Don’t Remember

Christy Bass Adams Guest Columnist

As parents, it's easy to beat ourselves up over what we are and are not doing for our children. As I think about my childhood, I don't remember the little incidents. I just remember that my parents were there, they loved me and their presence and love never stopped. May we be a consistent, loving presence in the lives of our children. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for showing me how to love my kids well.

I don't remember whether your hair was perfect or if your clothes matched. I just remember you being there every day.

I don't remember whether you were overweight or not. I just remember I fit perfectly right beside you.

I don't remember if your car was clean or dirty. I just remember all the fun we had singing, laughing and dancing while we rode inside.

I don't remember if my team won or lost. I just remember seeing your face in the stands, cheering me on, reminding me that I could do anything.

I don't remember if we bought name brand or generic food. I just remember that we ate together as a family every night and all were welcome at our table.

I don't remember if we had money or not. I just remember that we did a lot of fun things and you were always there.

I don't remember our house being big or small. I just remember it being full of laughter, songs, love and friends.

I don't remember the stress or frustrations of your job. I just remember you tried really hard to leave them at the door so you could be with us.

I don't remember when I started going to church. I just remember that it has always been and always will be an important part of my life.

I don't remember all of the places we went on school field trips. I just remember you always came with us.

I don't remember specific conversations. I just remember you were always there to listen.

I don't remember ever asking you to love me. I just remember that you did, and that has made all the difference.

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