Labor Day Sunday Picnic…And It Just Got Better

By Lynette Norris
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It’s the kind of Labor Day Picnic that kids dream of, and it just got better.
Along with the carnival games, petting zoo, cotton candy, sno-cones, bounce houses, an inflatable slide and all sorts of rides…all free, by the way…and there’s going to be a fire truck on the grounds that they can see up close, inside and out.
Did we mention the K-9 Units? The children will get a chance to meet those hard-working, specially-trained dogs as well.
Pretty cool, right?
Well, it gets better. After the first story went to press for Wednesday’s (Aug. 20) paper, there was a new development…now, there’s going to be a
helicopter there as well.
Talk about awesome.
Yes, unless the helicopter is needed for an emergency that day, it will be out there on the grounds for both kids and kids-at-heart to see up close.
The Madison Church of God is hosting the Labor Day family picnic, where you can have a great time with family and friends, and it’s all free. The only thing requiring any
money is the dunk tank, where you can buy chances to dunk a town or county official or other notable local person in the water. City Commissioner Marcus Hawkins is scheduled to be in the tank at 5 p.m., and other folks are being recruited or signing up for a turn in the tank. All proceeds from the dunk tank will go toward missions.
Sunday, Aug. 31, from 4 – 7 p.m., everyone is invited to come on out to 771 NE Colin Kelly Highway, enjoy the food, the fun and the fellowship, and be a part of their family for a few hours that Sunday afternoon.
While the children are having a blast, there will also be a prayer booth, with people available to pray with anyone who would like to stop in for some quiet time with God.
For more information, contact the Madison Church of God at (850) 973-3339.
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Lynette Norris

Written by Lynette Norris