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Kind gesture returns double

Rick Patrick

There is a Bible verse that says if you "Cast your bread upon the waters, you will find it after many days." [Ecc. 11:1, NKJV] This idea of a good deed coming back was made evident recently for young Lane Keeling and the Hickory Grove 4-H Club.

A year ago, Keeling was dealing with a sick pig he had hoped to enter into the annual livestock show. Keeling had worked all year raising this pig and it seemed that at the last minute, all his efforts were destined to be in vain. At the last moment, Keeling's 4-H leaders, Steve and Jennifer Williams, offered to swap pigs and allow Keeling to enter the 4-H club's pig in the place of his sick pig. This meant the 4-H Club would not have a pig to enter in that year's livestock show. The 4-H Club depends on funds raised during the livestock show and sale for other club activities, such as the archery team.

This act of generosity by Keeling's 4-H leaders was not forgotten and when Keeling heard of a writing contest sponsored by Pixie's Poultry and Pigs, from Brooksville, Fla., for the prize of one of three show pigs to be given away; Keeling decided to enter, with the hopes of winning a pig for his 4-H club. Keeling did not win one of the three pigs, but when word of Keeling's desire to help his 4-H club, businesses began to step forward to help provide more pigs to be given away. Other deserving youngsters were also given pigs to raise. Keeling was able to obtain a pig, not only for himself, but a pig for the Hickory Grove 4-H Club as well. According to Keeling's mother, Renata, Lane has been raising the two young pigs and all seems to be going well. "We've been feeding them and they're growing nicely," said Renata. "We are very thankful, especially to Germann and Germann [Law Firm, from Spring Hill, Fla.], who sponsored the two pigs Lane received."

Lane; a 12-year old, seventh grade student at Madison Creative Arts Academy, continues to raise and care for both these pigs, with the goal of bringing a good price for them. It is also hoped that the generosity of everyone involved in this story will serve as an example of the positive lessons young people can learn through such actions.

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