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Keeping tabs on U.S. Senate, 2nd District

Among the recent issues that U.S. Senate addressed during the last week were a budget resolution and Iran nuclear agreement. Following are how Senators Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio voted on the two issues.  Fiscal 2016 Budget Resolution: The Senate voted 53- 44 (with three abstentions) on a motion to proceed to the conference report on a concurrent resolution that would reduce spending by $5.3 trillion over the next 10 years, including $2 trillion in reductions from repeal of the 2010 healthcare overhaul. Nelson voted no. Rubio voted yes.  Iran Nuclear Agreement: The Senate voted 98 to 1 (with one abstention) to pass a bill that would give Congress the right to deny Iran relief from statutory sanctions if two-thirds majorities from both chambers oppose the terms of a final nuclear deal. The bill would also require detailed reports on Iran’s support of global terrorism and fulfillment of commitments under any agreement. Both Nelson and Rubio voted yes.

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