Katie Fulford Shadows At Greene Publishing, Inc.

By Rose Klein
Greene Publishing, Inc.
Katie Fulford, a 9th grader at James Madison Preparatory High School, was able to shadow at Greene Publishing, Inc. in order to learn more about journalism as a possible career. She worked with this reporter in order to cover a requirement for one of her classes, Career Research and Decision Making. Katie has been a resident of Madison County most of her life and is daughter to Beth Fulford of Madison County and Ernest Fulford of Monticello.
Katie said she loves to write in her spare time and has been writing since she was very young. She remembers being at her Grandmom’s house and writing short stories, printing them out and then stapling the stories together to make a book, and says she even colored in pictures for the illustrations.
The current job market is something that Katie is realistic about and says any job in journalism that was available upon graduation would suit her, but she would like to attend Florida State University in Tallahassee in order to stay close to home.
You can view a sample of Katie’s reporting and writing skills by reading today’s Health and Wellness Guide, where she wrote a compelling article on teens and self-esteem. She also went to the streets of downtown Madison, where she spoke with employees at the Madison County Community Bank on her chosen topic for Question Of The Week. Great job Katie!

5.9.14 - Katie Shadows At Greene Publishing - 001

5.9.14 – Katie Shadows At Greene Publishing – 001

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Rose Klein

Written by Rose Klein