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Juan Botino retires after serving Madison County since 1972

Juan Botino is retiring as the Madison County E.M.S. Director and 911 Coordinator after 28 years. He has served Madison County since 1972. His last day will be Friday, May 29. Seven-year-old Juan Botino came to America as a refugee from Cuba with his grandparents with nothing but the clothes on their backs. He lived in Miami until he graduated from high school. He moved to Madison and lived with his relative Dr. Oswaldo Benitez, a surgeon at Madison County Memorial Hospital. He began working at the hospital as an orderly when Dorothy Shaw, Director of Nursing at Madison County Memorial Hospital, sent him to E.M.T. School at no cost in 1972. He became an E.M.T. in 1972 and worked at the hospital during the week and worked as an E.M.T. on weekends. In 1975, he moved back to Miami to work before returning to Madison in 1981. After working with the Madison County Ambulance, he was promoted to E.M.S. Director in February of 1987 by Sheriff Joe Peavy. “This career has enabled me to meet a lot of great people and it’s been rewarding,” said Botino. He has been married to his wife Karen for 30 years and they have four children and 11 grandchildren with one more on the way. “Thank you for supporting me all these years,” said Botino to his family. “You were left to fend for yourselves whenever I got called out to deal with disasters and other emergencies. I was not able to be there at a lot of family occasions because I was out helping others.” His wife plans to work a few more years before retiring herself but they plan on traveling and getting to know the whole country. “This is the best country in the world,” said Botino.” Until Botino and his wife can travel he is trying to find something to fill the time. He said he gets bored easily. He plans to help Madison County E.M.S. if they ever need it and serve Madison County as he has done since 1972. “I am thankful that I was allowed to do this and I have been blessed by being here,” said Botino. “It’s been an honor and privilege to serve the people of Madison County.”

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