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James Madison Preparatory High School adds physical education to curriculum

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James Madison Preparatory High School added two physical education classes to their curriculum in January. The school has limited space and Patrick White took what the school had and structured a workout routine for the students. The two classes serve the ninth and tenth grade students everyday for an hour in their auditorium that is also used as the cafeteria. The class resembles Crossfit with box jumps, resistance band exercises, dot drills, lunges and raising the kettle bell above the head exercises. All of the students work at one of the exercise stations and rotate between them. The student’s do 30-second circuits with a 20 second break between each circuit. White said the purpose of the class is to get the kids moving and he tries to keep the class fun and different for the students. Ninth grader Camilia Fullerton likes that she has the opportunity to exercise and is learning the proper way to exercise. Tenth grader Zakobe Fead likes that even though they do not have a gym, the students are able to get exercise because it is very important to keep your body in shape. He wants to set a good example to other students. White focuses three days on core exercises, one to two days on agility training and one day on cardio.

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