Jacob’s Ladder: Enchanting Echoes

The enchanting echoes of friends’ voices and laughter beckons like a siren’s call from years past. Visions of their faces bring a smile to my face as I imagine each one speaking to me.
Along with the smile, there are tears and heartaches to go with them. Friends, who should be long gone, still remain, while some of them, who should still be here, have left for their homes in Eternity.
Seminole fans or Gator fans and black or white, we all knew what it meant to call each other friend and to mean what we said. We all knew that we were loved by our parents, our brothers and sisters, and we knew what it meant to be there for each other.
Each of us became a success in some way.  Some became business owners, some fighter pilots, some Marines, some journalists, some worked for cruise lines, some engineers, some doctors, some farmers and some nurses. Many became husbands, wives and parents. God has not blessed me with that but He has blessed me in many other ways.
Looking back through the years, I realize that God has been with me every step of the way. He has guided me. He has reached down to pick me up when I have fallen and failed Him. He has given me more than enough to survive through the years.
As I look back on photos from high school, I know that my stomach has grown obese, flabby and soft, but I know that life has gotten harder since high school. Each trial I have encountered has helped me grow, not only wiser in wisdom but stronger in my faith. These trials and tests bring me to my knees and even make me question my faith at times, but I learn time and time again that like the Bible says, God will not fail me nor will He forsake me.
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Jacob Bembry

Written by Jacob Bembry