Jacob’s Ladder: Crucify Him?

Screen shot 2014-03-14 at 9.47.29 AMJust imagine that you are going to return to a town where you’ve been before but this time, it will be different. The roads will be lined with thousands of your adoring fans who will cheer your name and throw palm fronds and even their own clothes down in front of you. You are adored and the clamor of your arrival does not tell the true fate that awaits you.
Days later, many of the same people who cried out their joy at seeing you come into town, riding on the back of a young donkey, now have a different voice. They still fill the air with their cries; only this time, the cries are to kill you. They shout “Crucify Him!”
Jesus Christ was crucified on a day that we remember each year as Good Friday. He had done no wrong. He had healed the sick and made blind eyes see. He had even raised the dead. Now, He would die for our sins – not just the sins of those who were beating Him, driving nails in His hands and feet or standing idly by and enjoying the crucifixion with a smirk on their faces. No, He looked ahead in time and saw you, me and everyone for centuries to come and He offered His life for us so we can be washed by His blood.
This Good Friday, let’s remember His sacrifice. This Easter, let’s remember Him rising from the grave, victorious over sin.
Will those who don’t know Christ as their Savior, accept Him? Or will they shout with vicious voices, “Crucify Him?”
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