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Jacobbi McDaniels: Spirit Realty, Inc.

Jacobbi McDaniels, a former resident of Madison County, has recently received his realtor’s license and has joined Spirit Realty, Inc., a real estate firm located in Tallahassee.

McDaniels, while born in Tallahassee, was raised in Madison County. “I never lived anywhere else,” said McDaniels. However, following his graduation from Madison County High School in 2009, McDaniels moved to Tallahassee while following his football scholarship to Florida State University.  For a period of time, McDaniels played with the Cleveland Browns, an NFL team.

Spirit Realty, Inc. and its broker, Sandy Frazier both have strong ties to the Florida area colleges, such as FSU.

McDaniels’ transition from football to real estate wasn’t automatic.

“I was focused so much on sports,” said McDaniels. “[Frazier] helped me realize there was something [for me] outside of football.”

McDaniels spent four years as a broker’s assistant for Spirit Realty, Inc. and on Friday, April 15, McDaniels became a licensed real estate agent.

McDaniels could have applied for other, larger agencies, but he chose to stay at Spirit Realty, Inc. for one important reason. Loyalty. “[Frazier] helped me get into this career…after I got my license, I wasn’t going to just go and run off on her,” said McDaniels.

McDaniels currently lives in Tallahassee, but he still has ties to Madison County.  His mother, Darlene Choice, is still a resident of the county that he grew up in and originally called home.

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