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Interstate drug catch

On Thursday, April 7, Madison County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Brandon Goldman noticed a maroon Nissan Maxima traveling west on Interstate 10.

The Nissan was following another vehicle at an unsafe distance; the Nissan then passed the vehicle and sped up to an unlawful rate of speed. Deputy Goldman responded and initiated a traffic stop for the vehicle at mile marker 254. Deputy Goldman stepped out of his vehicle to speak with the driver, who was identified as Jorge Anthoni Rufin, 27, of Englewood, Fl.

Deputy Goldman explained the nature of the stop to Rufin, who, during the time spent in the stop, began to display behavior that is often an indicator of criminal activity.

Rufin was asked for his consent to a search after Deputy Goldman became concerned that Rufin might have been involved in some type of illegal activity.

In response to being asked to agree to a search on his vehicle, Rufin refused.

While Deputy Goldman could not proceed with a search on Rufin’s vehicle without proof of criminal activity or permission, by law, K9 Deputies are lawfully allowed to use their canine partner to do a “free air sniff” around the vehicle.

K9 Yankee was deployed to sniff around Rufin’s vehicle and gave a positive indication to Deputy Goldman that there was the presence of illegal narcotics within the vehicle.

After witnessing Yankee’s reaction, Rufin admitted to Deputy Goldman that there was indeed marijuana inside his vehicle.

Deptuty Goldman could now proceed with a probable cause search, as there was the suspect’s admittance as well as K9 Yankee’s alert.

A marijuana cigarette and a single Adderall pill was located in the center console.

While searching the trunk, Deputy Goldman discovered a large white plastic container that held two large bags of marijuana and a bag of cocaine within it.

Rufin was placed under arrest without further incident and is facing charges of possession of marijuana over 20 grams, trafficking of cocaine and possession of a controlled substance (Schedule II).

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