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Interpress Studios returns March 21

Parents: Here’s an opportunity to get a photo made of your child or children, and have the photo appear in the newspaper, at no cost or obligation.   There is no age limit for the children, either.

Interpress Studios, a professional and mobile photography team, will be in Madison on Monday, March 21 and will set up shop from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Masonic Lodge, located on Rutledge St., one block south of the courthouse.

The studio will take the children’s photos – maybe even a family portrait, if you desire, although the latter is not eligible for inclusion in the newspaper – and  in about three weeks, the Madison County Carrier or the Enterprise-Recorder will feature the children’s photos under the heading of “Tomorrow’s Leaders.”

 New this year is a special contest for the "Most Photogenic Baby Under One Year In Age."  The winner of the contest will receive a FREE 8x10 canvas print.

An appointment for the photo taking is not required, but is highly encouraged. To schedule an appointment, call Emerald Parsons at (850) 464-0865.

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