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Interpress Studios returns March 20

Emerald G. Parsons: Greene Publishing, Inc.

Parents: Here's an opportunity to get a photo made of your child or children, and have the photo appear in the newspaper, at no cost or obligation.   There is no age limit for the children.

Interpress Studios, a professional and mobile photography team, will be in Madison on Monday, Mar. 20, and will set up shop from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Masonic Lodge, located on Rutledge St., one block south of the courthouse.

The studio will take the children's photos - maybe even a family portrait, if you desire, although the latter is not eligible for inclusion in the newspaper - and  in about three weeks, the Madison County Carrier or the Madison Enterprise-Recorder will feature the children's photos under the heading of "Tomorrow's Leaders."

New this year is a special contest for the "Most Photogenic Baby Under One Year In Age."  The winner of the contest will receive a free 8x10 canvas print.

An appointment for the photo taking is not required but is highly encouraged. To schedule an appointment, call Cheltsie Holbrook at (850) 464-2315.

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