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I am more concerned over what Hillary does than what Trump says!

Emerald Greene Parsons


I know a lot of people don’t like my column, but a lot of people do!  A lot of people don’t like my political viewpoints, but a lot of people do!  God made us all different!  God gave us all our own opinions!

I’m afraid however, that this column, in particular, might offend a lot of people (more than usual); but, that’s never stopped me before…

It seems that most of the nation’s newest talk is centering around something Donald Trump said 11 years ago, in 2005.

Was it distasteful and rude?  Absolutely!

However, is it anything different than 95 percent of men, in general, sit around and say or think on a daily/weekly basis? Absolutely not!

When my two daughters hit high school age and dating age, I told them specifically, and bluntly, what to expect from boys at school and what kind of “locker room talk” went on.  I explained that the majority of the talk was going to be about “who does what and with whom” whether it was the truth or not! I went on to explain that while on their dates what the boy’s main hope and desire would be!

Now we hear Donald Trump saying it aloud and we act like it’s something that men never sit around and talk about! Even men are acting like they have never done anything that is demeaning against women.

66 percent of all men and 41 percent of American women view pornography at least once a month, and an estimated 50 percent of internet traffic is sex-related (

68 percent of church going men view pornography on a regular basis (

About 70 percent of married men cheat on their wives.  (Approximately 55 percent of married women cheat on their husbands.) (

As we women know, we can all tell the difference between the men that we hug who is really just trying to “cop a feel” while hugging us.

The comments women endure as we walk into a convenience store, or the aisle of the mall, or by a pool, or on the beach is utterly intrusive, rude, demeaning and impolite. The remarks that flow out of men’s mouths are never ending.

Yet, we are appalled that Donald Trump says it too?

What about all the women who read Fifty Shades of Gray or went to watch the movie?  And now you’re appalled by this, as well?

Don’t get me wrong; I do not endorse talk or behavior such as this! But my view seems to be tainted the other way!  I truly expect it!  In the beginning of this column I approximated 95 percent of men talk like this – meaning there are VERY FEW men out there that do not have a “locker room” mouth and do not watch demeaning films with nudity. To those five percent I applaud you; and I promise you that we women wish more were like you! As a mother I preached and preached to my daughters to look hard for a man in that five percent.

Sometimes I wonder if I am truly the only person that checks a Christian based website for movie reviews before I watch a movie.  I do not watch movies with nudity or sex scenes or a lot of profanity. I think my children were about 16 or 17 years old before I let them watch most PG-13 movies.  Each of you need to ask yourself the question, “What kind of shows, movies, magazines, or internet sites do I watch?” and “Do I have the right to judge others for (basically) the same thing?”

How many self-righteous people (that are appalled at Trump’s statements) watch the demeaning sitcoms on TV, watch sex/nudity filled movies, and/or listen to rap music filled with the same words that Trump used?  If you take Trump’s words and put them to Rap music – you’ll have exactly what is so popular in today’s music world.

And to top it off, how many of you let your children listen to that music or go watch those movies?  How many have actually sat their sons down and specifically told them how they should treat girls/ladies?

Now to the opponent – Hillary Clinton!

Trump degrades women, you scream? Hillary is for women, you scream?

Tell that to the woman who was raped at age 12 and Hillary Clinton was the offender’s defending attorney! She knew in her gut he was guilty (of raping a 12-year-old) and is recorded laughing about how she got a plea bargain for him and got him off easy.  She is quoted as saying (on audio), “He took a lie detector test. I had him take a polygraph, which he passed, which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs” and then laughs!!! And goes on to brag about how she got the evidence thrown out of court (which was a bloody pair of underwear!) THEN, continues to brag about how he plea bargained down to ‘unlawful fondling of a minor’ and served less than a year in prison. The 12-year-old’s injuries were so traumatic, that when she grew up she could never have children.

For those that try to defend Hillary by saying that was years ago and/or she’s different now - - - the same could be said for Trump’s 11-year-old audio! You cannot pick and choose whose bad errors get thrown out and whose doesn’t! “You cannot ride two horses with one a—” (Russian Proverb).

People are so worried about Trump’s mouth and what comes out of it!

I’m more worried about Hillary’s lack of morals and the fact that she is a thief, liar, and considers herself above the law!

The Clintons took $28,000 worth of furnishings to their personal home from the White House when they left office.  What’s even worse, is it was reported that the shipping of items began a year before Bill Clinton even left office.  He was questioned then about it, but still continued to remove more furnishings from the White House (That’s called THEFT).

Benghazi - Hillary Clinton was accused of ignoring the Embassy's request(s) for higher security because of threats.  After the attack on Sept 11, 2012 there was a "cover up" (by White House officials) by claiming that the attacks were the end cause of a video that made fun of Muhammad (That’s called a LIE).

In the most recent email conspiracy – she sent and received TENS OF THOUSANDS of emails against the law on her own private server and then consistently LIED about it all! Over and over and over she lied! (The list goes on – but I wrote about all that a few months ago.)

Do we tolerate our children lying to us this much?  Do we tolerate our spouse lying to us this much? Do we tolerate our employees lying to us or stealing from us?  Why in the world should we elect someone President of the United States that has shown incompetency time and time again, when we wouldn’t tolerate it from anyone else in our lives?

Time and time again Hillary (as was once her husband) has been in the news with some sort of scandal or scheme being the focal point of the story.  Never before has one man, or woman, been the focal point of so many illegal and immoral things.

Don’t like Trump?  Don’t like Hillary?  Then vote for the less evil – because one of them WILL be our next President!  Period!  A third party vote for a Presidential Election is not the time to try to “make a point.”  That third party person will not win this election, thus your vote does not count at all! This is not the time for a “protest vote.”

Do your research and you decide who deserves your vote!

I personally am more concerned over what Hillary does than what Trump says!

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