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How do I take something of concern to the board of County Commissioners?

The Madison Board of County Commissioners consists of five members who take it upon themselves to come together and make decisions that will benefit Madison County while working alongside the community. The Board of Commissioners regularly have meetings on the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month, and members of the public are invited to attend. Agendas are posted the Friday prior to the scheduled meeting.

Many of you might be wondering: how do I take something that I feel is important to the board of commissioners?

According to the Administrative Officer Manager of the County Coordinator Sherilyn Pickels, there are a couple of ways something can be placed on the agenda.

One way to get something on the agenda is to contact the County Commission office and speak with the County Coordinator about having something added to the agenda.  Anyone interested would need to contact the office in advance if the concern is a time sensitive matter.

Another way to get something added to the agenda is to speak with a County Commissioner, who can request that items are put on the agenda. The County Commissioners include Justin Hamrick, Wayne Vickers, Ronnie Moore and Alfred Martin, along with current chairman Rick Davis.

As a third option, public comment is provided during each regular meeting. Citizens can sign in prior to the start of the meeting and are recognized by the Chair to address the board.  If something is brought up the board feels is important to act on, they can amend the agenda to include it in their itinerary for the meeting.

To learn more about the Madison County Commission, or to view the scheduled regular meetings, visit To contact the office, please call (850) 973-3179.

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