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Help students move into the technological age

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Mr. Patrick White is a teacher at James Madison Preparatory High School (JMPHS), and he and his students are calling on the community for help. White's students need a classroom set of Chrome Books in order to increase the students' ability to utilize technology in the classroom.

Madison County is one of the poorest counties in Florida; therefore, the school system does not generate the tax revenue needed to provide up-to-date technology for the classroom. JMPHS is currently trying to increase the number of computers available to their students. This project will go a long way in providing enough computers for their English Department as well as their reading program.

By donating to this project, you will not only help to improve and increase student writing and reading scores, but you will ultimately help to increase their overall academic achievement and success.

Students at JMPHS are currently working on five-year-old computers that have been shared by 150 kids, and they are worn out. As a public charter school, JMPHS does not receive the same amount of funding a general public school receives, nor do they receive the same grant monies that a school district obtains, and that leaves the school with simply fundraising. Your valuable dollars will go a long way toward upgrading their current computers and will provide a classroom with a set of computers that will reach 100 students.

To donate, go online to For more information, email White at or call JMPHS at (850) 253-2173.

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