Health Department Testing Water Until The End Of May

Because of the excessive rainfall and flooding throughout the county in recent weeks, Governor Rick Scott has issued an emergency order allowing free water testing until the end of the month. Madison County Health Department is offering free testing of well water samples through Flowers Lab on 812 SW Harvey Greene Drive from now until the end of the month.
For those residents whose homes and wells have been flooded, or who have noticed a change in the appearance or taste of their water since the widespread flooding, it may be a good idea to have their water checked.
Residents will first need to obtain a sterile water bottle from Flowers Lab to collect their sample, and then drop that sample off at Flowers.  They must be sure to inform the lab that the sample is being taken due to the recent flooding event so that Flowers will know to send the invoice to the Madison County Health Department.
If contamination is found, it is often a simple matter to disinfect the well, but in some cases, a damaged well might need repairs.  To make sure the water you are drinking is safe, the Department recommends having your water periodically tested for bacteria.
For questions of more information, contact William Gibson at (850) 973-5000, ext. 132, or email William Gibson at  HYPERLINK “”  For directions to the Flowers Chemical Laboratories, Call (850) 973-6878.
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