Health Department Issues ‘Satisfactory’ Rating After Discovery Of Mold In Juice Boxes

The Environmental Health Department has given the Madison County Central School’s cafeteria a “satisfactory” rating, after discovery of mold in orange juice boxes served to students during breakfast on Wednesday, Aug. 20.
After the tainted juice boxes were discarded, a 45-minute inspection followed at the school. The Environmental Health Department passed the school with the highest possible grade given, a satisfactory. Part of the score was taken from the handling of the juice, with the investigation showing that the procedure of taking the juice from the freezer to the cooler to thaw, was followed correctly. Investigation of Gordon Food Services, who distributed the orange juice, is currently underway.
Madison County Superintendent of Schools Doug Brown, presented this statement the same day:
The health and safety of children attending the Madison County Schools is our top priority. The presence of a contaminant in some of the juice supply at Madison County Central School deeply concerns district and school officials. I can assure you that all steps necessary to remove the juice and to replace it with a fresh supply have been taken. Additionally, and as a precautionary measure, we have checked the status of all of our current stock of food and beverages. We have absolutely no reason to suspect that additional contamination is present. The Health Department has inspected our kitchen and storage areas and found nothing to be in violation of code. In fact, the Health Department issued a ‘Satisfactory’ rating, the highest rating it issues. In short, parents and students can be confident that the food and beverages served by the Madison County School District are safe. If you have further questions or concerns about the juice or any other aspect of our food services operation, please contact Jan McHargue at 973-1540.
Doug Brown
Superintendent of Schools
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Rose Klein

Written by Rose Klein