Have Lunch With God

There once was a young boy who decided that he would like to meet God. So the next morning, he set off to find Him. The young boy figured this might be a long endeavor, so he packed an extra-large lunch, with two sandwiches, drinks and snacks. As he was walking along looking for God, he happened to be beside the park and saw an elderly gentleman sitting on the park bench. The man looked so lonely that the boy sat down beside him and offered him a Twinkie. The older gentleman smiled and said thank you. The young boy thought the smile was so warm and kind, that he offered the man his extra sandwich and drink. The man smiled even larger, and the two sat and ate lunch. They spoke very little, but the boy was amazed at the warmth of the man’s smile. After they finished eating, the boy realized that it was almost dark, and he needed to be getting home. He was two or three steps away when he stopped and ran back to the old man and hugged his neck. The man smiled the biggest and warmest smile of the day. When the little boy arrived home, his mother asked what he had done that day. “I had lunch with God,” the little boy replied. “And He has the best smile ever.” When the old man arrived home, his son asked him what he had been doing that day. “You know,” the elderly man replied thoughtfully, “I had lunch with God. And He’s a lot younger than I expected.” Never underestimate what a simple meal, or some time, or even a smile might mean to someone else. It is not always the amount of the gift we give, sometimes it is simply the giving. “That which you have done unto these, the least of My brethren, you have done this unto Me also.” — Jesus Think about it.

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