Harvey Greene Drive: County Will Temporarily Take Over

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Similar to what the City of Madison did with Crane Avenue behind the new hospital, wherein it allowed another government entity to temporarily “take custody” of the road in order to make needed improvements, the city will make a similar arrangement with the county, allowing the county to assume temporary maintenance and responsibility for Harvey Greene Drive, the only bypass for semi trucks in Madison.  
County Coordinator Allen Cherry said the request had come from City Manager Tim Bennett. The City had been talking to DOT about making needed improvements on Harvey Greene Drive, and  DOT officials had come and looked at the road, which connects CR 360 near the I-10 interchange to South SR 53, just 2 miles south of Highway 90, going through the middle of town.  It also serves the city’s Industrial Park.
DOT officials indicated that there was a special fund that might cover the improvements for the road, but in order to apply for those funds, the county has to first assume maintenance responsibilities.
County attorney Tommy Reeves advised the county commission that an interlocal agreement, similar to one that had been drawn up for Crane Ave, was the best way to go.  It would temporarily allow the county to take over maintenance for Harvey Greene Drive, so the county could apply for the DOT funds.  When the project was completed, the road would revert back to the city.
The commission voted to approve drawing up the interlocal agreement.
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Lynette Norris

Written by Lynette Norris