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Harvey Greene Dr. to be repaved

Ashley Hunter

Greene Publishing, Inc.

Say goodbye to the rough, pothole-riddled asphalt on NE Harvey Greene Dr.

Through an inter-local agreement between Madison County and the City of Madison, funds to repave the roadway have been obtained through the FDOT's Transportation Regional Incentive Program.

Work will begin on Monday, Aug. 29 and, according to the bid agreement with the constructor, Anderson Columbia Company, Inc., the work is not to exceed 150 calendar days from the start date. With that in mind, the work on NE Harvey Greene Dr. should be finished on or before January of 2017.

There are no plans to entirely close the roadway during this process, though it is suggested that the road may temporarily be reduced to a single-lane road during the construction period.

All the proper procedures will be followed and flagmen will be out to direct traffic during the periods when the roadway is reduced.

In addition to resurfacing the existing roadway, the FDOT has provided enough funds to relax the sharp curve in the road that is near the City of Madison’s waste water treatment plant. This technically falls under the area of new construction, as the roadway will be moved to a new area in order to soften the curve of the road.

NE Harvey Greene Dr. will also be getting the addition of nighttime lighting and a turning lane leaving out of NE Harvey Greene and onto SR 53.

The Madison County Road Department has installed signs informing the public about the FDOT's funding.

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